Robert Frankson

Squadra corrente
Squadre passate
Sharks, Clovers
18 Febbraio 1972

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[alc_social_buttons values=”” css_animation=”none” style=”grid”][alc_newslog title=”Staff Newslog”][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”December 19, 2015″]Jenny Thomps is now the new Team Recruiter for the East Coast Colleges.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item date=”September 26, 2014″]Robert Frankson will have a surgery and will be out for a month. Interim coach will be Frank Roberts.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”September 26, 2014″]Max Stevens is now the 2nd Team Doctor after a succesfull run in the Sharks.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”exit” date=”August 12, 2014″]Tommy Flankers left the team after 2 years as the 2nd Team Doctor.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”April 19, 2014″]Patrick Storm is now the new Team Recruiter for the West Coast Colleges.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”November 27, 2013″]Alexa Polson is now the new Athletic Trainer after a succesfull run in the Pirates.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”February 15, 2012″]Savannah Lavender is the new Team Nutritionist with more than 500.000 followers.[/alc_newslog_item][alc_newslog_item item_type=”join” date=”March 22, 2008″]Robert Frankson is now the new Alchemist Coach after a succesfull run in the Lucky Clovers.[/alc_newslog_item][/alc_newslog]

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